How to ignore changed files when publishing with Lerna

Mae Capozzi
Feb 15, 2021

Before tagging a new version, lerna scans your codebase for changed files. If it finds a changed file, it’ll recommend a new version. This is really useful most of the time, but you only want to bump to a new version when some library functionality changes. You certainly don’t want to introduce a new version just because you changed the file.

There are two ways that you can tell lerna to ignore specific changed files.

The — ignore-changes flag

You can use the --ignore-changes flag to prevent lerna from publishing new versions when it finds changes in specific file types.

lerna version --ignore-changes '**/*.md'

In the lerna.json file

If you’d prefer, you can add an ignore key in the lerna.json file.

// lerna.json"commands": {
"version": {
"ignore": ["**/*.md"]